Interpersonal Intelligence



Multiple Intelligence, developed by Howard Gardner, is a scientifically supported system of classifying human abilities, and encourages learning in ways that respect the individual interests and strengths of children. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence theory has fascinated many practitioners and requires no introduction here. Not only is our lesson plans based on Multiple Intelligence, we also use interactive tools, technology and Multiple Intelligence toys that are proven to be effective.

Three languages

The world is fast becoming a global village. With increasing inter-nation, inter-racial, inter-culture activities the need for bi-, tri-, even multi-lingual personnel is inevitable, and the monolingual world is fast disappearing.  The Preschool endeavors to develop our children to be proficient in English, Malay and Chinese. The Preschool employs English phonics through stories to prepare children for the active learning of English, taking away their fear of an almost unknown language and giving them the satisfaction of succeeding in recognizing a language.

Interpersonal Intelligence:

When children engage in activities in the Preschool such as collective games, group discussion, peer learning, and group project report etc., they are experiencing cooperation with other children. Thus they develop their intelligence in observing and understanding the emotions of their peers.